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Welcome to Kat Insight Coaching

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Meetings via video chat or phone call

During our call, I listen to you share your concerns and what specifically you want insight into. My experience as an Insight Coach includes assisting clients to:

  • dare to make simple but profound practical changes

  • discover your creativity

  • make hard decisions

  • determine or shift your overall goals, general well being, sense of self, mindset, family and friendship connections or disconnections, career path &or career crossroad or fork, relationship issues, hobbies, health, etc.

  • learn to allow yourself to make time for self care, self love, who you love, what you love, hobbies, friends, frivolous time wasting, and space you need for self reflective introspection to learn to discern what you genuinely enjoy and thrive doing.
  • While a lot frivolous time wasting only results in mental well-being (because health comes from rest and recharge), occasionally it also leads to cutting edge innovative inventions - Learning to allow yourself to exist comfortably in this space may unlock unlimited potential joy

    • I believe in the concept of  "Ikigai" (η”ŸγγŒγ„) in Japanese culture.

    • What you love (your passion)
    • What you are good at (your skill)
    • What the world needs (market demand)
    • What you can be paid for (monetization)

    • I also believe in the concept of "being happy and creative"

      • allowing the time and space for doing what you love that also...
      • has no monetary value or demand other than your own desire and inclination to do it
      • what helps you heal from trauma
      • taking the time to sit and do nothing, meditate, breath
      • what you are naturally good at
      • what puts you in the state of flow
      • what ignites passion in you to learn more, expand your skills, work tirelessly, gives you something to look forward to
      • feels expansive and innovative
      • I deeply believe that this aspect of life option can lead to Ikigai yet the freedom of not putting any pressure or requirement on this time we allow ourselves to explore and create can be the happiest part of our lives!
      • the courage to do this takes strength - there is nothing lazy in these actions!

  • learning to deal with trauma and healing

  • learning to love yourself through the process of learning to like yourself

  • making time to do the things you love, as well as

  • learning to discern what you love and what you want to do

  • what dreams you want to pursue

  • what path is the best for you to start calibrating yourself to...

These are some of the topics that I discuss with my insight coaching clients. 

My method differs from a conventional therapist role, I specifically work with my clients as an insight coach. What this means is that we will speak, I begin by actively listening to you describe the topic you've chosen to discuss. I will ask directed questions to guide the call, we will explore the topic, and I will then offer my insights. 

Unlike some types of traditional talk therapy where the client spends most of an hour venting various topics, insight coaching sessions are intended to be feedback end guidance oriented sessions that provide you with practical steps to achieve your potentially impractical goals and dreams.

We then work on an action plan for you.

Options include a one time call, a block of calls, or set up ongoing weekly calls, or a monthly check in. 

If you would like to work together, I offer a minimum of a one-time one-hour session block purchase. 

If you are interested in bookly a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly call, discounted rates apply.

Due to the limited nature of the call it's important that you pick one topic to focus on so we can get to some helpful insights during the call. 

You can also purchase individual additional one hour sessions

I look forward to expanding with you!

My education, experience, and methodology has been honed over decades. 

The list of teachers who have most influenced me are available 

[click here: Who I Love (some influential teachers with links]

If you are interested in weekly sessions please sign up for the monthly tier, thank you. Signing up for the monthly tier includes a discount!

If you are interested in Insight Coaching please email me at, thank you.

I look forward to working with you!

Katherine W.

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