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✨✨ PIease email me for current rates & availability @ thank you - Katherine W. ✨✨

Option 1 - one-time prepaid session

Option 2* - ongoing weekly/monthly projects

*One-time pre-paid session required for all first time clients, ongoing invoicing begins after our 1st prepaid session is successfully completed

Option 1 (and 1st time clients) 
*Minimum session: 4-hour block pre-paid                  

 *Minimum hours required to reserve my services: one-time 4 hour block


Option 2 - ongoing weekly/monthly projects & tasks

Maximum hours available per client: to discuss directly w/clients to assess your needs and my current availability

I offer a minimum one-time *four-hour session block purchase to confirm our session. *This includes the first 30 minute conversation to get the project started. 

However, this time block is dependent upon the scope, specifications, details, and special requirements of your project. 
If your project is extensive, more time will be required for completion.

If the project requires more than 30 minutes to begin, additional time for the project minimum hours will be required.

Once we've discussed your project details, I will quote you either a total (hours/rate) for your project, or we can discuss weekly/monthly services if your project is extensive and or ongoing.

For ongoing projects, after our initial pre-paid 4-hour block, I begin invoicing clients weekly each Friday 
[payment due upon receipt, unpaid invoices will results in pausing work until payments received, thank you in advance] 

I offer:

1) *set hours per week or month

 [*minimum 4-hour per month/max hours TBD determined by Kat & client prior to work beginning, and reassessed regularly as needed]

    Projects are managed weekly based on hours allocated to projects, this model is best for long-term ongoing projects with soft-deadlines or tasks that require regular (low/medium) maintenance

2) Open-ended weekly/monthly *number of hours

[*minimum required 8-hr block per month - Kat & client pre-determines your maximum hours prior to work beginning, and reassessed regularly as needed] 

    Projects are managed as high-priority, work is focused start to finish. This model is best for projects with specific deadlines, clients with several projects, and or clients who prefer daily availability. 

    This model also works well for clients who have regular ongoing projects and also occasionally one-off or short-deadline requests - these small quick-turnaround projects are also completed during regular business hours, and are discussed on a case-by-case basis, dependent on my workload and prior commitments.

✨✨ PIease email me for current rates & availability @ thank you - Katherine W. ✨✨

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