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Katw Virtual Management Consulting

Virtual Management Consultant+

I manage people and the things you need done so you can earn more and play more!

Here are some of the services I provide. Let's discuss your needs and customize your workflow to get you moving in the direction of getting more tasks off your lists!

    • Management of People, Big Goals, efficient process management streamlining workflows and ensuring smooth operations of complex projects, daily to do lists
      • Whether you are an individual in need of assistance or an entrepreneur with several businesses, family, I assist you in managing a wide variety of projects
    • Project Management
      • overseeing planning, execution, and completion of tasks to achieve goals within a set timeframe and budget. Effective coordination of resources, communication among team members, and adaptation to changing circumstances to ensure successful project delivery
      • Familiar with project management software such as, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc.
    • Reliable - professional - dedicated  - efficient - friendly
      • meeting deadlines, attention to detail, follow-up, follow-thru, communication and absolute privacy of personal information, these are important aspects of my services
    • Social Media Management
      • Experienced with Branding in the corporate sphere as well as in creative industries and spaces. 
      • Are you seeking social media updates or considering starting from scratch? Let's explore your requirements and tailor a solution to your needs!
      • Proficient with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Youtube, Patreon, Squarespace, Wix, Eventbrite, Notion, and many others
      • Design, creation, posting and management of social media posts, videos, marketing materials, events, etc.
    • Staff management
      •  candidate searches, hiring assistance, scheduling shifts, project management, etc.
    • daily or regular calendar management
      • Scheduling meetings & appointments business or personal, Calendly mgmt, creating events, invitations management, daily reminders sent, coordination, blocking time, priority & project management
    • email triage and file management
      • sending and responding to emails, managing replies, tasks and follow-up, sorting, labeling, deleting, etc,
    • expense management
      • diligent management of expenses for various projects, clients, personal expenses, expense reconciliation, reporting, purchasing various items (trips/travel, flowers, gifts, bill pay, etc.)
    • Letter/email writing and editing (50wpm)
    • Proposal/document creation and editing
    • file organization and management
    • personal assistance for individuals/families
    • presentation creation/editing
    • property management
      (single family homes. multi-unit properties, airbnb's)
    • research various

I look forward to working with you! - Katherine W.

Figuring out what assistance will actually help you in the most efficient and practical ways, can require time, planning, discussing, and some insight coaching to help you get calibrated and set up for success.

If you are interested in Virtual Management Consulting Assistance please email me for available hours at thank you!

Schedule time with me: currently offering free 15-minute consultations to access compatibility

Advanced Skills: 
Operations Manager
staff management
expert project coordination
training oversight
personal assistance for individuals and families
Social Media management
Executive assistance
Marketing assistance
Office Management/Training
Managing staff shifts
Generating reports as required
Client relations & retention
Excellent Customer Service
Professional friendly communication
Expert Google Suites Docs/Sheets/Slides/Gmail
Expert Microsoft Office Suite 
    (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
POS Systems {point of sale}
Management of: 
     SOPs, inventory, pricing, customer invoicing,
     telephone, calendar, email triage, social media accounts
expense reports management
budget management
Create client & sales presentations
Reconcile bank statements/deposits
travel/event planning
Creating/managing client proposals
letter writing/editing
accounts payable, accounts receivable
collect & process tenant rent
process payroll {for 30+ employees}
Expert data entry
Expert file management
vendor/contractor relations
Expert or Proficient with many programs, apps, social media platforms
{see below for examples} 
Retail and much more!
Mac & PC systems
Social Media Platforms:
Blogging, Blogspot, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Link Tree, Patreon, Substack, Tiktok, Twitter, Youtube, I am a content creator focused on joy and healing from traumas
A list of many of the apps, systems, and platforms I am proficient in {not all inclusive}:
Cash App, Cloud based POS systems, Bloomnation, Lovingly, Paypal, Square payments, Ubereats POS, Venmo
Adobe Acrobat
iMovie (expert) , Premiere Pro (learning), Canva, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quicktime
Google Meet & Chat, Booker, Canva, Concur, Constant Contact, , Mailchimp, Outlook, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Skype, WhatsApp, Wordpress, Zoom

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